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"Oh, sure. Blame it on the kids. Max, go to your room. Leo, go home. Wait. What year is this?" Judy to Max and Leo

As Bad As She Gets is the fourteenth episode in Season 1 of Sydney to the Max. It first aired on June 18, 2019 to 0.54 million viewers.[1]


Sydney surprises her dad Max for his birthday by inviting his childhood best friend Leo and his son, Leo Jr., to visit from San Francisco. When Leo considers moving to Portland, LJ doesn't want to and enlists Sydney and Olive to sabotage the move with disastrous results. In the past, Max tries to help Leo to avoid going to a private school.


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  • The episode title is a play on the 1997 drama/romance film As Good As It Gets.
  • This episode featured adult Leo Webb and his present day son, Leo Jr.
  • It is revealed that Max and Leo only talked occasionally after high school.
  • Olive finds out that Leo is Max’s best friend in this episode.
  • Adult Leo is running a tech company and created an app called “Break, Dance, Break”.
  • This is the first time Leo is mentioned/seen in the present-day.
  • There is a reference to the episode “Good Grade Hunting”.
  • Leo was close to moving back to Portland, but LJ refused to let him.
  • This episode was filmed in December 2018.[2]
  • The arcade that Max and Leo worked and hung out at—Just Fun and Games—still exists.
  • Olive and Sydney made a pact on a video saying that they would be friends forever, inspired by what Max and Leo did as kids.
  • Judy is the only main character whose full name is not revealed in this episode.
  • It is confirmed the Dog Boys are still around and Max is still a great skater.
  • This is the mid-season premiere of Season 1.
  • The theme song is a millisecond early in this episode.
  • In the newer Just Fun and Games, most of the games back then are replaced with virtual reality sets now.
  • The flashbacks take place March of 1992.
  • Moral: No matter how far apart friends are, friendship never fades.


  • Ms. Watkins mentions an "Error 404" in this episode during the 1992 timeline. But it's unlikely that either she or Leo would be familiar with this yet, as the first official spec detailing hypertext transfer protocol response codes was not published until 1996. Before that web pages were generally not served with any type of headers which also means that response codes such as 404 were not used yet.