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Can't Dye This is the first episode in Season 1 of Sydney to the Max. It first aired on January 25, 2019 to 0.71 million viewers.[1]


Sydney wants to radically change her hairstyle for the first day of seventh grade, but her father is resistant; with Olive's help, Sydney takes matters into her own hands.

Full Plot

Present Day

In the series premiere, Sydney and her best friend, Olive, arrive on their first day of 7th grade. Olive tells Sydney about picture day and Sydney suggests she changes her hair. Sydney’s dad, Max, unexpectedly arrives. Max accidentally kisses the wrong girl and runs away. Sydney runs away as well. At home, Sydney comes up with a new hairstyle, to which her dad says no, but her grandma, Judy, approves. Sydney argues with Olive about why she should be able to do her hair. Sydney decides to do it herself, with help from Olive. Olive starts to do Sydney’s hair, and it turns out to be a mess of colors. They want to wash it out, but it turns out Sydney bought permanent dye. Then, Max lets Sydney do her hair the way she wants, not knowing she did it without his permission. At the salon, Sydney wears a wig of brown hair and Max accidentally rips it off. Max finds out Sydney did her hair by herself and grounds her. Then, Sydney finds out Max did the same thing as a kid and storms up to her room. Then, Sydney and Max have a long talk about Sydney growing up and Sydney goes back to the salon. She decides to keep the brown hair but get blonde streaks as well.


Max arrives on his first day of 7th grade and sees his best friend, Leo, in the hall. Max tells Leo he became a skateboarder over the summer and met a skateboarding crew called the Dog Boys. Max says he wants to get his hair bleached but his mother, Judy, says no. Now at an arcade, where Max and Leo work, Max tells Leo, he will do his hair himself, with help from him. Max and Leo go to Max’s room and start to do it, but his hair becomes bright red instead of blonde. Judy catches Max and makes Max go to school with the haircut, to which Max says, "The kids literally pretended to roast marshmallows, on my head!" Judy and Max then talk it out.


Main Cast

Special Guest Cast

  • Frances Callier as Gia

Recurring Cast

  • Oliver Alexander as Josh


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  • Sydney references shaving her legs which has an episode for it titled "Shaved by the Bell".


  • This is the season and series premiere of Sydney to the Max.
  • This episode was released on iTunes on January 21, 2019 ahead of its premiere on January 25, 2019.
  • This is the first episode of Season 1.
  • This is the most viewed episode of the series.
    • The title of this episode is a reference to the 1990 hit song "U Can’t Touch This" by MC Hammer.
  • It is revealed Max went to the same middle school Sydney goes to right now, Clara Barton Middle School.
  • Max and Leo both share a reference to the family movie, Home Alone.
  • Max chipped his first tooth doing a 360-olly heel flip.
  • Ava Kolker previously portrayed Ava Morgenstern in fellow Disney Channel Series Girl Meets World.