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"Over Willamette and through Portland. To Grandma Judy's we go." ― Alisha arriving at Judy's house with Max and Sydney

Doctor Alisha Reynolds (née Carter) is a character in Sydney to the Max. She was the late mother of Sydney Reynolds, the late wife of Max Reynolds, and the late daughter-in-law of Judy Reynolds and Doug Reynolds. She died several years prior to the series. Her first appearance was in "How The Syd Stole Christmas" in a flashback.

She is portrayed by Krystal Joy Brown as an adult, and Cassidey Fralin when young.


Alisha was a kind and cheerful person. She was very close to Sydney. With Max, she was playful and romantic. She was also very assiduous in her work as a doctor. As it is known, she practiced ballet and she was very skilled at it.


Alisha is an adult who has black hair and brown eyes. Her hair is curly.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Appearances: 15/63


  • The cause of her passing is currently unknown. However, in "Thirteen Candles", after planning a whole scavenger hunt for Syd's birthday, with the help from Judy, it is stated in the birthday card Alisha wrote to Syd that she wished she could be there to celebrate Sydney's 13th birthday, hinting that the cause of death was a terminal illness, and the death was unpreventable.
  • After her death, Max and Sydney moved to Portland with Judy.
  • She brought Sydney a bass the last Christmas she spent with her.
    • It is likely that Sydney was motivated to play bass as a method of coping with Alisha's passing.
  • It is mentioned in "Can't Hardly Date", that she died five years ago; however, in "How The Syd Stole Christmas", and "Thirteen Candles", it's mentioned she died four years ago, which creates a plot hole in the series. It could be that Max and Sydney were estimating how long ago Alisha died, however very unlikely.
  • Her maiden name is probably "Carter" because it is her mother's last name.
  • She gave Sydney her locket on Sydney's 13th birthday.
  • As a girl she spelled her name Alicia. But changed the spelling as an adult to Alisha.
  • It hasn't been stated what kind of doctor she is, but it can be assumed in "How The Syd Stole Christmas" that she was an OBGYN.