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Emmy Mendoza is a recurring character on the Disney Channel series, Sydney to the Max.


Emma is prideful and cooperative. She can be seen as prideful in "There's Something About Zach" when she recommends that the name of their group may be changed to something more Spanish-typed. She is always helping her friends when help is needed, describing her as cooperative.


Emma is Latina/Filipina and has long dark brown hair and brown eyes.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Appearances: 21/63


  • It was her who came up with the friend group's name "Four Amigas", in "There's Something About Zach".
  • In "What's My Grade Again?", it's revealed that she has an attention disorder, a learning disability that makes it difficult for her to concentrate.
  • She has a very messy room.
  • In "Can't Hardly Date", it is revealed that Emmy has an older sister who is a year older than her and is in 8th grade.
  • It is revealed in Do the Write Thing that Emmy and her older sister receive discrimation due to their skin colors.