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Jackson Dollinger (born January 19, 2007) is an American actor. He is best known for his role as Young Max Reynolds on Sydney to the Max.


Jackson Dollinger is an American child actor best known for his role of Young Max Reynolds in Disney original series, Sydney to the Max alongside Ruth Righi and Ava Kolker. Likewise, he also appeared in *Loosely Exactly Nicole and Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

Dollinger is currently living with his family in his residence in Los Angeles, California. Like other kids out there he does have hobbies of playing basketball and skateboarding.[2]


Year Title Role Notes
2017 Puppy Dog Pals Charlie (voice-over role)
2019-present Sydney to the Max Young Max Reynolds


  • While he's never on set with Ian Reed Kesler, Dollinger does study him and often models the delivery of certain lines on Adult Max.[3]
  • His favorite episode to shoot was "Nightmare on Syd Street".
  • His favorite sports are basketball, skateboarding and surfing.[4]
  • His favorite colors are black and blue.[5]
  • His favorite place is the beach.[6]
  • He is an only child.[7]