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"Pow!" ― Judy and Sydney when doing knuckles

Judith "Judy" Reynolds is a main character in the Disney Channel original series, Sydney to the Max. She is the mother of Max Reynolds, the mother-in-law of Alisha Carter Reynolds, and the grandmother of Sydney Reynolds. She got divorced from her husband. Judy is portrayed by Caroline Rhea.


Judy was formerly strict and protective but now is goofy and energized. In the present day, she can also be a little spiritual. Now that she's retired, she will do all the things she missed out on when she had a job.


Judy has blonde hair and blue eyes. Her hair is slightly darker at the roots of her hair than at other parts of her hair, and her eyebrows are slightly darker than her hair. In the Present, she has gray hair and glasses.


  • When she grounded Max, he always tried to sneak out the window of his room and go down the tree that was outside of his room, but she always caught him.
  • She didn't let Max bleach his hair or get a nose ring when he was a kid.
  • Whenever she was suspicious Max was doing something she didn't want him to do when he came home late, she did something called the sniff test when she sniffed him to see if he was lying.
  • She finished only one semester of college before Max was born.
    • In the present, she began taking more college classes. To make up for it.
  • She sees her son's best friend, Leo as a second son.
  • She can tell whenever Max is lying and whenever he’s telling the truth.
  • Judy allowed Max and Sydney and Alisha to move in.
  • Judy, Max and Sydney are the only main characters to appear in every episodes.


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