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Lax (Leo + Max) is a friendship pairing in Sydney to the Max. In the '90s they are best friends, and in the present time they are good friends. Leo was very loyal to Max and didn't want him to get in trouble. They are portrayed by Jackson Dollinger and Christian J. Simon, and Ian Reed Kesler and Winston A. Marshall as adults.


Their friendship started after Max pushed Leo off a slide in Kindergarten.

Similarities & Differences


  • They are both males.
  • They both went to the same middle school.
  • They both worked at Leo's dad's arcade Just Fun and Games.
  • Both have preteen children as adults.
  • Both lived in Portland when they were young.


  • Max has brown hair, while Leo has black hair.
  • Max has blue eyes, while Leo has brown eyes.
  • Max has a daughter named Sydney while Leo has a son named Leo, Jr..
  • Leo grew up with both parents while Max grew up with just his mom, Judy.
  • Currently, Max lives in Portland while Leo lives in San Francisco. (which he, in fact, moved to)


Season 1

Can't Dye This

  • Leo and Max discuss their summer; Leo talks about how he wants to be a Dog Boy.
  • Max and Leo are working at an arcade called "Just Fun And Games".

Who Let the Dogs In

  • Leo films various moments of Max with Hawk.

The Parent Track

  • Leo is with Max when Max gets his first beeper.
  • Leo blocks people from seeing Max when Max's pants fall down.
  • They watch a PG-13 movie called Tyrannosaurus Island in theaters.


Season 1

The Parent Track

Leo: Your pants are lookin' pretty saggy.
Young Max: Saggy in a cool, hip-hop way?
Leo: I think we both know the answer to that. Hey, this new movie, Tyrannosaurus Island, opens tonight.
Young Max: The one with the gnarly dinosaurs? Man, I'm dying to see it.
Leo: Your mom won't let you see a PG-13 movie. She barely lets you watch that cartoon about a friendly ghost.
Young Max: He's still a ghost, Leo. (beeper beeps)
Leo: Your mom again?
Young Max: Yep. You know what? We're going to that movie. That woman can't tell me what to do. I'm not a child. (coins jingle in his pants as he walks, then his pants fall, making the customers in the arcade laugh)

Leo: (goes towards Max; blocks people from seeing Max) Nothing to see here, people! Just a man who needs to call his mommy!

As Bad As She Gets

Leo: I, Leonard Lawrence Webb...
Young Max: And I, Maxwell Keith Reynolds, do solemnly swear...
Leo: That we will be best friends even when I go to private school.
Young Max: What about high school?
Leo: Best friends. What about when we go to college?
Young Max: Best friends. What if there’s a zombie apocalypse and one of us becomes a zombie?

Leo: I promise I’ll bite you and we’ll be zombies together.


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