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Lexi Rae Parker is a recurring character on the Disney Channel series, Sydney to the Max. She is the daughter of Alisha's little sister Essence, the cousin of Sydney Reynolds, the niece of Max Reynolds and Alisha Reynolds, and the granddaughter of Judy Reynolds and Maya Carter. She portrayed by Aniya Simone.


Lexi is very energetic and is usually the life of the party. She can charm anyone into saying yes to her by acting cute. She is very sweet with sass and loves making friends with anyone she comes across.


Lexi has curly black hair, brown eyes, and light brown skin. Her hair is usually put up into two buns. She usually wears dresses.

Episode Appearances

Season 3



Sydney Reynolds


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Sydney is Lexi's cousin. Sydney sees Lexi as a little sister to her and they act like sisters. They both care a lot for each other and love to teach each other how to do things, such as Lexi teaching Sydney how to make the family recipe for sweet potato praline pie. Lexi likes to lift Sydney up and push her out of her comfort zone, like when she tried to get Sydney to sing for church.


  • She has a pet horse named Winston.
  • She has a doll named Koko.
  • She lives in Savannah, Georgia, but is currently staying with the Reynolds family in Portland, Oregon for the summer.
  • The last 4 episodes of the series are centered around her.
  • She went to church in Savannah.