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"Gah!" ― Max's catchphrase

Maxwell "Max" Keith Reynolds is a titular main character in Disney Channel's original series, Sydney to the Max. He is the son of Judy Reynolds and the father of Sydney Reynolds.

Max is portrayed by Ian Reed Kesler as an adult, and Jackson Dollinger when young.


Max is often protective of people, especially his daughter, Sydney Reynolds. As a kid, he was a rebellious teenager and always getting in trouble with his mother. As an adult, he became similar to his mother. Young Max was also an avid skateboarder and always tried to impress the Dog Boys. Max, especially when he was younger, can act somewhat clueless.


Max has brown hair and blue eyes. He is tall with a small mustache and beard.


  • His father and mother are divorced.
  • When he was Sydney's age, he wanted to look like a Dog Boy and soon after that, he wanted a nose ring.
  • When Judy grounded him, he would always try to sneak out the window of his room and down the tree that's outside of his room, but Judy always caught him.
  • Max went to college.
  • Max opened a bike shop.
  • He knows how to skateboard and still does it as an adult.
  • When he was younger, he worked at Leo's dad's arcade Just Fun and Games.
  • His father, Doug Reynolds was an express delivery pilot, meaning that he barely got to see or talk to his father when he was young.
  • He is widowed.
  • His birthday was celebrated in the episode “As Bad As She Gets”.
  • He has a crush on Zach Thompson's mom Ms. Taylor which is ironic considering Sydney has a crush on Zach Thompson.
  • Max, Sydney and Judy are the only main characters to appear in every episodes.


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