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Judge Maya Carter is a character on Sydney to the Max. She is a federal judge of the Supreme Court. She is Sydney's maternal grandmother, the mother of Alisha, and the mother-in-law of Max. Her first appearance was in "Mo' Grandmas, Mo' Problems".

She is portrayed by Carlease Burke.


As a Judge, Maya's job is to be strict, but when around Sydney she eases in comfort of her family. She has ruled on three major civil rights cases, including one on equal pay and women's rights.


As a Courtroom Judge Maya dresses up professionally with a blazer, necklace, blouse, and black dress pants.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Appearances: 3/63


  • Sydney used to think she was boring, but now she thinks she is fun like Judy.
  • She met former First Lady Michelle Obama, who invited her to the White House after a court decision on women's rights.
  • Maya's daughter Alisha died prior to the series.