Mrs. Harris

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I must take a moment. (deeply inhales) Moment taken. Mrs. Harris' mantra

Mrs. Harris is a recurring character on the Disney Channel original series, Sydney to the Max. Mrs. Harris is the poetry teacher of the school Sydney and Olive go to.

She is portrayed by Melissa Peterman.


She is very kind but is not a pushover. When school hours are done for the day, she is a little bit nicer and easier to talk to. She is tough with poetry as she has a strong desire to it and doesn't let people pass with no effort given.


She has blue eyes and blonde colored hair. She is normally wearing dresses at school.



Episode Appearances

Season 1

Season 2

Appearances: 3/63


  • She was teaching poetry back when Max and Leo were in seventh grade.
  • She can speak French.
  • She owns a parrot named Jeffrey.
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