Sydney to the Max Wiki

[At night, in the Reynolds house.]
Max: [on phone] Come on, come on, pick up! Syd, it's me again. You're late. Would you please call me!
[Judy arrives.]
Max: Where have you been, young lady!
Judy: Ugh. I'm in college now. I need my freedom. Why can't you be chill like the other kids' parents?
Max: I'm sorry, I thought you were Syd. She's out with Olive at the "Food Truck Festival" and is 45 minutes past her curfew.
Judy: I'm sure she's okay. She probably just lost track of time.
Max: This is the thanks I get for letting her go out on a school night.
Judy: You know, you remind me of someone.
Max: Who?
Judy: Me, every time you were late. Do you see all these grey hairs? This one's from when you claimed you were abducted by aliens and said they were a lot nicer to you than I was.
Max: Okay, the aliens were a lie. But the time I saw a werewolf, that was true.
[Judy leaves.]
Max: [on phone again] Come on, Syd, pick up.
[Sydney arrives.]
Max: Where have you been? I was so worried about you.
Sydney: Sorry, Dad. I know I'm late but it's not my fault. There was a huge line for every food truck. Even the kale truck. We really live in Portland, don't we?
Max: I don't care. You should've called.
Sydney: I was going to but my phone died. The battery drained so fast! You know what the real problem is? I need a new phone.
Max: Syd, this has nothing to do with a phone. You missed your curfew and it's becoming a pattern. You're later tonight than you were last week and the week before.
Sydney: Look, I promise it won't happen again.
Max: I know it won't because you're grounded.
Sydney: But Dad, it's the weekend.
Max: You should have thought about that before you came home late.
Sydney: At least I didn't try to blame aliens. That's right, Grandma told me.

[At Clara Barton Middle School, in the hallways, Olive approaches Sydney.]
Olive: That was so much fun last night.
Sydney: Totally. Until my dad grounded me. Good thing he never sticks to it. Hey, how come you didn't get grounded?
Olive: When I got home, my parents were grounding my brother Sean. So I snuck upstairs, put on my PJs, then came downstairs, and asked them to keep it down. Not only didn't I get grounded, I got an apology. Yeah, I'm that good.
Sophia: [approaching] Guys, guys, you won't believe it. I got us tickets for the pop‐up cake museum tonight.
Sydney: What?
Olive: No way!
Sydney: Everybody in Portland wants to be there.
Olive: And it's only for one night. How'd you get the tickets?
Sophia: I sat in this virtual waiting room for like ever. And FYI? Virtual boredom is very similar to actual boredom.
Sydney: We're so gonna post pictures for everyone to see us. But not that we'd be like, "Ah ha, we're here and you're not."
Olive: Of course not.
Sophia: No way, no!
Olive: Well, maybe a little.
Sophia: That's kinda the point.
Olive: Syd, are you sure you're gonna get out of being grounded?
Sydney: I told you, it's not a problem. My dad always ends up caving.
Sophia: Oh, I'm so jealous. My mom never caves. It's one of her worst qualities.
Sydney: The cake museum is going to be awesome. I heard there's a room of buttercream where you can lie on the floor and make frosting angels.
Olive: No parents? Rolling in sugar? What a time to be alive!

[Flashback to 1992]
Young Max: Okay, I'm home right after school like you made me. I still don't get why I'm grounded.
Judy: Because actions have consequences. You lie about cleaning your room, you get grounded. You hate being grounded, you clean your room. It hasn't worked yet, but that's the theory.
Young Max: So, I'm guessing you came home early just so you could see this sad look on my face?
Judy: No, that's just a bonus. [sits on the couch] Our computers went down at the DMV so my boss Marlene gave us the afternoon off.
Young Max: Here. I have a field trip on Friday. You have to sign this and I need ten dollars.
Judy: Okay, get it out of my purse. Ooh, the Modern Art Museum. That'll be fun.
Young Max: Nobody likes museums. They're just so old people have a place to go during the day. [finds a piece of paper in Judy's purse] A ticket stub? You went to see "The Wedding Organizer" at 11:00 this morning? Wait, you ditched work, didn't you?!
Judy: No, I didn't ditch. I called in sick.
Young Max: Oh, right. Wait! That's the same thing. You lied! What happened to, "Actions have consequences"?
Judy: For a grounded kid, you ask a lot of questions.
Young Max: You know, there's a word for people like you who say one thing and do another.
Judy: Hypocrite?
Young Max: I think so. But it's after school so no way I'm looking it up.

[Goes back to present day]
[Later, at Reynolds Rides.]
Olive: Syd, I really hope your dad agrees to un‐ground you so you can go to the cake museum.
Sydney: Don't worry. After a day, he goes from, "Not a chance," to "Let me think about it," to "Okay. But I hope you learned your lesson." And I do learn my lesson. That he'll always let me go.
Max: [in the counter] Hey, girls. Syd, you were supposed to go right home after school. You're grounded, remember?
Sydney: I know, Dad, but something amazing came up. Sophia got us tickets to this incredible, once‐in‐a‐lifetime event. A pop‐up cake museum.
Olive: It's a magical night celebrating cakes. They're always at our parties, but isn't it time we had a party for them?
Sydney: And it's only for tonight. So you gotta let me go, Dad. Please?
Max: [walking around the place] Let me think about it.
Sydney: Okay, whatever you think is best. [to Olive] We are so in.
Olive: Yes!
[Max goes to the other counter, there's Angela, bringing a bike.]
Max: Hey, Angela, is there a problem with Sophia's new bike?
Angela: No, this one's her brother's. He promised not to leave it in the driveway but he kept doing it. I can't return him, so... here's the bike.
Max: Wow, you turned a gift into a punishment. I didn't know we could do that.
Angela: Max, we have three kids and my husband and I know that if we let our guard down, they'll walk all over us. You have to draw the line. And you have to draw it hard.
Max: I couldn't agree more. That's why I grounded Sydney. But sometimes things come up. Like the cake museum.
Angela: Oh, right. Yeah, it's only happening tonight and everyone in Portland wants to be there.
Max: That's what I thought.
Angela: Think again. Max! Sydney is never going to learn to respect boundaries if you don't enforce them. Unless you think she's already learned her lesson.
Max: Well, I mean, now that‐‐
Angela: Wake up, Max! I know it's difficult. And it must be even tougher being a single dad. But you need to learn to say no. Look, if you need another parent in your corner, you have my number.
Max: Thank you, Angela. I appreciate that.
Angela: So can I return the bike?
Max: No!
Max: I'm just practicing.

[Later, Sydney and Olive are in Sydney's bedroom.]
Sydney: [holding two dresses] So which one of these says "cake museum"?
Olive: Syd, has your dad officially said you can go?
Sydney: Well, he always waits till the last minute and starts with a big sigh. As soon as you hear that, we're good.
Max: [comes in] Syd?
Sydney: Yes, Dad?
Max: [big sigh] When you asked if you could go to the cake museum, I told you I'd think it over.
Sydney: And I've really thought things over, too. Lesson learned, Dad. Lesson learned.
Max: Good. Because you're not going.
Sydney: Thanks, Dad, you're the‐‐ what?!
Max: You're not going to the cake museum. [leaves]
Olive: So does he come back one more time? 'Cause that kinda sounded like you're not going.

[Later on, in the living room, Max is sitting on the couch writing, Sydney rushes down the stairs.]
Sydney: Dad, you can't be serious. What do you mean I can't go?
Max: I told you I would think about it and that's the conclusion I came up with.
Sydney: But I thought we'd think about it and come to the "Syd can go" conclusion.
[Judy arrives, she's disguised as a dracula.]
Max: Hey, Mom. What's with... whatever all that is?
Judy: My sorority is going to see "Vampire Beach Party."
Max: Seriously? That's supposed to be one of the worst movies ever made.
Judy: That's the point, Grandpa. We dress up, sing along, and throw fruit at the screen. And did you know a tomato is a fruit? I'm learning so much in college.
Sydney: Grandma, would you talk to him? I have a ticket to that amazing cake museum downtown, but Dad says that I can't go.
Max: Would you explain to Syd that she is grounded and so she is staying home?
Judy: Whoa, whoa. I already did my parent time. I'm not getting involved. I'm smarter than that. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to throw fruit at a vampire beach movie. [leaves]
Sydney: Dad, this is so unfair. I'm a good kid. I get good grades. I do all my chores. Please don't make me miss out on the best night of my life!
Max: Syd, this conversation's over. I'm not budging.
Sydney: Ugh! [runs up the stairs]
[As soon as Sydney leaves, Max rushes into the kitchen. He makes a call with his tablet.]
(tablet ringing)
Angela: [on the tablet] Hey, Max!
Max: Angela, I did it. I drew the line.
Angela: Oh, I'm so proud of you. How does it feel?
Max: Horrible! Terrible, awfible. It's not a word, but it's how I feel.
Angela: I get it. You're causing your daughter pain. You're making her miss out on the best night of her life. Right?
Max: Exactly.
Angela: Wrong, Max! Every night they wanna go out is always the best night of their life. Max, don't budge an inch. Some day Syd will thank you.
Max: Have your kids ever thanked you?
Angela: I said someday. Look, you need to find a way to relax. Take a nap, take a bath, listen to some music.
Max: Great idea. I'll clean out the fridge.
Angela: I said relax.
Max: You're right. I'll vacuum.

[Flashback to 1992]
[At the Reynolds house, Judy opens the door for Leo.]
Leo: Hi, Ms. Reynolds. I was wondering if I could spend a few minutes with the prisoner?
Judy: Prisoner?
Leo: That's a bit dramatic. Max, visitor, five minutes, then back to your cell.
Young Max: [comes in] Hey, Leo, any chance my mom mentioned that she lied to her boss and ditched work today?
Leo: You lied? I am so disappointed, Ms. Reynolds. In moments of moral confusion, I often ask myself, "What would Judy do?" I call you Judy in my head.
(answering machine beeps)
Marlene: [on phone] Hi, Judy, it's me, Marlene.
Judy: That's my boss. Who turned off the ringer?
Marlene: Just calling to make sure Max's tonsillectomy went well. Adam had his tonsils out a month ago. And I've still got a freezer full of icy pops. So, I'm on my way over to drop some off.
(machine beeps)
Young Max: You told your boss I had my tonsils... ectomied?
Judy: Please. You lie to me 15 times a day.
Young Max: I'm a kid. That's my job. You're supposed to set an example for me.
Leo: For me, too. Or so I thought.
Judy: Look, right now, I need you to cover for me and pretend you just got your tonsils out.
Young Max: Why should I cover for you?
Judy: Oh, I don't know. Because I could lose my job and, as I remember, you like to wear clothes and eat.
Leo: Oh, she knows you so well.
Young Max: Okay. But, Mom, as you've always taught me, actions have consequences.
Judy: Where are you going with this?
Young Max: Simple. Forget about my grounding and I pretend I had my tonsils out.
Judy: Are you blackmailing me?
Leo: You are.
Young Max: I am.

[Goes back to present day]
[In Sydney's bedroom.]
Sydney: It's not fair. My dad can't just change the rules halfway through my childhood.
Olive: Yeah, children need consistency. At least, that's what my mom tells my dad when I'm listening through their door.
Sydney: I can't believe I'm gonna miss this.
Olive: Don't worry. If you don't get to go, I'm not going without you.
(knock on door)
[Max comes in.]
Max: Syd?
Olive: Before you say anything, Mr. R., you know me as a no‐nonsense straight shooter, right?
Max: That hasn't been my experience, but go ahead.
Olive: Did Syd make a mistake? Sure. But who among us hasn't? Remember your socks with sandals phase?
Max: You're a good friend, Olive.
Olive: Thank you.
Max: And that's why you have to go.
Olive: Huh?
Sydney: What?
Max: It's not much of a grounding if she gets to have her best friend over. I'm sorry, Olive, but you have to leave.
Sydney: Go ahead, Olive. Go to the cake museum. As someone who wants you to grow, learn, and experience magical things, I would never deny you this amazing opportunity.
Max: Oh, brother.
Olive: Okay, Syd. I miss you already. Mr. R. [leaves]
Sydney: Was there something else?
Max: Yes. I'm going to need your phone, tablet, and laptop.
Sydney: What? I can't even have contact with the outside world? Who are you?
Max: I'm the guy who draws lines. I'm the line drawer.
Sydney: What?
Max: Well, I'm‐‐ I think you know, Syd.

[Flashback to 1992]
[Max is lying on the couch. Judy's covering him with a blanket.]
Judy: Are you boys ready? My boss will be here any minute and I'd really like to keep my job.
Leo: Now when I had my tonsils out it really hurt to speak. So just whisper and I'll translate.
Young Max: Got it. Why?
Leo: Because your tonsils are in your throat.
Young Max: Huh. Good to know!
Judy: I wonder if they're hiring at that burger place down the street.
(doorbell rings)
Judy: She's here! [opens the door] Hi, Marlene.
Marlene: Judy! Oh, your house is so lovely! That picture's crooked.
Judy: Well, thanks for being so understanding about today.
Marlene: Oh, please. You had a sick kid. It's not like you took the day off.
Judy: [nervous laughter]
Marlene: Leonard, Maxwell. I haven't seen you since Adam's Bar Mitzvah. How's the throat, honey?
[Max says something in Leo's ear.]
Leo: It hurts. Like a thousand bees stinging his throat after they dipped their stingers in hot lava, while‐‐
Judy: Okay, I think Marlene gets the picture.
Marlene: Well, it sounds to me like someone could use a nice cold icy pop. [gives Max a pack of icy pops]
Judy: Well, thanks for the icy pops. I don't want to keep you.
Marlene: Oh, no problem. I got all the time in the world. How about a nice cup of tea?
Judy: Oh, I'd love that! But what about your family?
Marlene: Eh. [goes with Judy to the kitchen]
Young Max: Leo, what was I thinking? I got my mom right where I want her! Forget about being un‐grounded. I can get anything I want.
Leo: Ugh, this is all getting so ugly, I don't even know if I can enjoy this icy pop. [tries the icy pop] Whoo, luckily I can!

[Goes back to present day]
[In the living room, Max is vacuuming, Sydney rushes down the stairs.]
Sydney: Dad?
(vacuum stops)
Sydney: I've been thinking and I realize that I haven't been very fair to you.
Max: Go on.
Sydney: You were right. I broke my curfew and I deserve to be grounded.
Max: Well, thank you, Syd.
Sydney: But... what if instead of being grounded this weekend, I'm grounded for the next two weekends and... I clean out the garage?
Max: Two weekends... and the garage? That is a generous offer. Let me think about it. In the kitchen. Alone. All by myself.
[Max goes into the kitchen and there he makes a video call with the tablet.]
(tablet ringing)
Angela: Hey, Max!
Max: Angela, get this‐‐ Syd has offered to be grounded the next two weeks, plus clean out the garage, if I let her go out tonight.
Angela: Hmm, that's interesting. Sounds like you've entered the negotiation stage.
Max: Whew! I've gotta say, it was not easy getting here, but I made it.
Angela: There is no negotiation stage, Max! Stay strong!
Max: Right. [ends the video call and goes to Sydney]
Sydney: So, Dad, did you think about it?
Max: Yes. And I'm sorry, Syd, there's no deal. You're not going.
Sydney: ...What? Seriously?! I'm going to completely miss the cake museum?! Why?!
Max: Because you're grounded.
Sydney: So because of you, I'm gonna be missing out on something that everybody is gonna be talking about forever!!
Max: Give it up, Syd. You're not going.
Sydney: You're ruining my life!! You're the worst dad in the world!!! [leaves]

[Flashback to 1992]
[Judy and Marlene comes in.]
Marlene: [to Max] Feelin' better, sweetie?
[Max says something in Leo's ear.]
Leo: Max says he's doing okay. Especially since his mom agreed to buy him several video games.
Judy: What?
Marlene: I got Adam a nice book. Did I get a thank you? I shoulda gotten him a dictionary so he could look up the word "gratitude."
Judy: Well, I suppose the least I could do is buy him one video game.
[Max says something in Leo's ear.]
Leo: You promised him three.
Judy: Did I? I can't imagine I would have gone over two.
[Max says something in Leo's ear.]
Leo: Max says you're right! It was two. Because you were so nice and promised him that new game console.
Judy: Why don't we discuss this after Marlene leaves, sweetheart?
[Max says something in Leo's ear.]
Leo: I'm out. [sits on the couch]
Young Max: [hoarsely] And we've also discussed a big‐screen TV for my room. Right, Mom?
Judy: No, Max, you're not getting anything. [sighs] Marlene, I'm sorry. Max didn't have his tonsils out. I took the day off and went to the movies.
Marlene: What?
Judy: I know. I know. I just needed a day off for my sanity.
Marlene: It's okay, Judy.
Judy: It is?
Marlene: Yeah. You've got a stressful job. You're raising a son on your own. Sometimes you just need a little time off for yourself.
Leo: And as you've seen, he's a bit of a project.
Judy: This is what makes you such a great boss, Marlene. You're compassionate, you're fair‐‐
Marlene: You're working Saturday.
Judy: What? Saturday? I haven't worked a weekend shift in years. [Marlene turns to see her] But what a great way to shake things up!
Marlene: Well, I better get home. I've got to pay the cleaning lady and the guy delivering dinner. How do we do it, Judy? [leaves]
Judy: Max!
Leo: Allow me... Max is sorry, and he hopes you forgive him.
Young Max: [getting up from the couch] I never said that!
Leo: I'm trying to help you, man!
Judy: Don't worry, Max. You're not getting punished. I set a terrible example asking you to lie in the first place.
Young Max: So I'm off the hook?
Judy: No, you're just back to your original grounding.
Young Max: Original grounding and one video game?
Leo: Go‐‐ go to your room!

[Goes back to present day]
[In her bedroom, Sydney is playing with dental floss.]
Sydney: [stopping] What am I doing? I need my phone.
[Sydney goes into the living room, there Max is vacuuming.]
(vacuum whirring)
[Sydney hides from Max, she grabs some soil from a pot and throws it.]
(vacuum stops)
Max: You thought you could hide from me. Nice try! Mr. Dirt!
(vacuum whirring)
[Sydney takes her phone off the table and leaves.]

[In her bedroom, Sydney's in her bed, using her phone.]
Sydney: The pictures are amazing, Olive. Be honest. Am I really missing out on the best night of my life?
Olive: It's not that great.
Sophia: THIS IS THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!! ...Oh, sorry, Syd.
Sydney: I can't believe my dad's doing this to me. Just because I was a little late last night. He has no idea what I'm going through. That's it. I'm getting out of here.
Olive: You're sneaking out? That's a big move. Are you sure?
Sydney: Positive! [gets out of bed; sees something on her phone] Wait, what's this old voice mail? I'll meet you there.
Olive: Cool.
Max: [on voicemail] Syd? You've never been this late before. Please call me as soon as you get this. [another voicemail] Syd? I'm really worried. You should have been home by now. I just want to know you're okay. Call me. Please. [another voicemail] Syd? Where are you? You're 45 minutes late. I wish I'd never let you go downtown. I'm not even mad, I just‐‐ I need to hear your voice. Please call me. Please. Please.
[Sydney is pensive.]

[Sydney goes downstairs to her dad, who's cleaning up.]
Sydney: Hey, Dad.
Max: Hey, Syd.
Sydney: I just wanted to say... I'm sorry. [hugs him]
Max: If this is a new way to get out of your grounding, it's not working. I like it, but it's not working.
Sydney: I'm not trying anything, Dad. I just heard your messages from when I missed my curfew last night. I never knew how scared you get when I don't come home.
Max: It terrifies me. I don't know what I'd do if anything ever happened to you. I love you so much.
Sydney: I love you too, Dad.
Max: The truth is... I never should have caved all those times. I wasn't doing either of us any favors.
Sydney: I'm sorry I was such a pain tonight. You're not the worst dad in the world. You're the best.
Max: Thanks, Syd. [kisses her on the head]
[Sydney goes back to her room. Judy arrives.]
Max: You're back early. Aren't you supposed to be throwing fruit at vampires?
Judy: I got kicked out. Apparently you're supposed to throw fake fruit.
Max: Oh, boy.
Judy: It all went downhill after my watermelon went right through the screen. So where's Syd?
Sydney: She's up in her room.
Judy: Wow, I gotta say, my money was on you caving. So you were able to handle it after all?
Max: Not a problem. You just gotta... [holding a mop] draw the line.

[Days later, in the living room, Max is sitting on the couch watching TV.]
Max: Ha, ha, ha! The dough didn't rise! You called it, Max! I gotta get out more.
[Sydney arrives, Max turns off the TV.]
Sydney: Five minutes early. Third time in a row.
Max: I know! [shows his phone]
Sydney: [on voicemail] Hi, Dad. Just letting you know I'm on my way home.
[another voicemail] I'm 15 minutes away. Olive wants to stop for donuts, but I don't think we have enough time.
Sydney: [shows a bag of donuts] But we did! Want a donut?
Max: Ooh! Did you get me a chocolate glazed?
Sydney: Whose daughter do you think I am? [gives him a donut]
Max: Oh!
Sydney/Max: [bumping their donuts] Clink!