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Olive Anne Rozalski is a main character on the Disney Channel series, Sydney to the Max. Her best friend is Sydney Reynolds. Olive is portrayed by Ava Kolker.


Olive is a nice person. She always reads directions before she does things that could be dangerous, and always makes sure that she is prepared. She has a big heart and likes helping people. She is similar to Leo Webb and always trying to keep Sydney out of trouble.


Olive has blonde hair and blue eyes. She is most of the time seen in sweatpants or a skirt.



Sydney Reynolds

(Best friend)


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Sydney is Olive's best friend. They both love each other and care about each other. Olive is extremely loyal to Sydney and Sydney trusts Olive. Olive sometimes doesn't exactly agree with Sydney going against her dad, but in the end, she knows she'll learn her lesson.


  • She made a gif of Max kissing Gabby Kunckle's head when he thought Gabby was Sydney.
  • She has a cat.
  • She is a Pisces.
  • She is one month younger than Sydney.
  • She can speak a little French.
  • She joined the Emergency Preparedness Club at her school.
  • She hates broccoli.
  • She is revealed to be Jewish in "How The Syd Stole Christmas".
  • She is the second main character from a Disney Channel Original Series that is named “Olive” the first being Olive from A.N.T. Farm.
  • She is the only present day main character to be absent in an episode. She doesn't appear in The Hair Switch Project.
    • She and Leo are the only main characters to be absent in some episodes.
  • In season 3, her parents are divorced. She and Max shares being a child of divorce.
  • She's probably super good at other things such as whistling, dancing and all of it.


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