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Pete is a recurring character in Season 2 of Sydney to the Max. He was a student at Clara Barton Middle School. He was also a friend of Max and Leo.

He is portrayed by Arjun Sriram as a boy, and Nick Jaine as an adult.


Pete is a bit shy. He developed an interest in art from a trip to the Art Museum in Mrs. Harris' class.


Pete has black hair and brown eyes.


In "How The Syd Stole Christmas", after asking Max to borrow his jacket and he refuses, Pete found it on the floor and kept it. Later, he goes to Max's house to return it, apologizing to him. However Max ends up giving him the jacket when he finds out that he was poor, then Pete gives him his yo-yo as a gesture of gratitude.

In "Going the Green Mile", he was in the cafeteria when Max and Leo began their protest about the snack machine. He walks out with the other students at the end of the break, leaving Max and Leo alone.

In "Baby One More Rhyme", he was in the hallway watching the rap battle Max and Leo were having to promote their club. When they finish, they make an impression on the group, then Pete and the others approach with the intention of joining their club.

In "The Lunch Club", he meets Max in the hallway, there he lets him know that the skate park had been reopened early.

In "Mrs. Harris' Opus", he attended the trip to the Art Museum in Mrs. Harris' class, where he showed an interest in artwork. Later, in the present day, he is revealed to be "Jamzy", the artist who made the artwork that Sydney and Olive destroyed, he forgives the girls and gets Mrs. Harris her job back, telling her that she inspired him to become an artist.

In "Tearin' Up My Room", he meets Max and Leo in the hallway. He greets Max by calling him "shortstack".

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