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The Reynolds' House, located in 588 Washington Street, is a location in Sydney to the Max. This is the household of Judy, Max, and Sydney. It has appeared in all episodes of the series so far.


Olive can typically be seen here with Sydney. The only episodes in which Olive's house was shown was in "The Parent Track" and "The Lunch Club".

In the 1990s, Leo could typically be seen here with Max.


  • Judy and Max were living here in the ’90s.
  • Max used to sneak out of the bedroom window when he was grounded.
  • Max still lives here with his mother, Judy and his daughter, Sydney.
    • It is mentioned in "Dancin' the Vida Loca" that he had moved back in, implying that he was living in a different house before Sydney’s mom passed away.
  • Their address is 588 Washington Street as revealed in "When Harry Met Sydney".
  • Sydney and Olive had their first playdate in this house as revealed in "Any Given Sunday Brunch".