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Sax (Sydney & Max) are a pairing on Sydney to the Max. They have a father-daughter relationship and seem to have a healthy relationship with each other.



Similarities & Differences


  • They are both related.
  • They both have the same last name.
  • They both have brown eyes.
  • Both went to Clara Barton Middle School.
  • Both of them grew up rebellious and troublemakers.
  • Both grew up with a single parent.
  • Both grew up without their same gender parent: Max, his father and Sydney, her mother.


  • Max is a male, while Sydney is a female.
  • Max is an adult, while Sydney is not (She's been a teenager since "Thirteen Candles").
  • Max doesn’t cut Sydney any slack and punishes her just like his mother punishes him.
  • Max is Caucasian, whereas Sydney is half African-American and half Caucasian.


Season 1

Can't Dye This

  • Max and Sydney compared moments to when Max wanted to dye his hair, but his mother wouldn’t let him which is the same exact way Max prohibited Sydney to do the same.