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"So I am starting a songwriter's night at the cafe so you can perform your songs. "Summer showcase starring Sydney Reynolds. And various other artists". I don't want people thinking I'm just doing it for my daughter. [whispering] I am." Max to Sydney

Sing It On is the sixteenth episode in Season 2 of Sydney to the Max. It first aired on June 26, 2020 to 0.41 million viewers.[1]


Sydney really wants to attend a Rock 'n Roll summer camp but doesn't know how to tell her dad, especially since he just started a songwriter's night at the shop's café so she could work on her music.

Full Plot

Present Day

The episode begins at the Reynolds House, where Judy was talking to Sydney, there she tells her about a summer music camp she had heard about and which Sydney might attend. That makes Sydney excited. Then she goes to tell her dad, but before she can, Max surprises her with the news that he has opened a songwriter's night at the cafe so she can play her music. Sydney tries tell him about the camp but she can't. She then talks to Olive and gets the idea to sing a song at the cafe, in which she will tell her dad her feelings about the camp in a subtle way. At the cafe, on the songwriter's night , Sydney sings her music in front of everyone, in which she expresses her emotions about being set free. However, Max believes Sydney is referring to Olive.

Later, Sydney has a conversation with Judy, in which Judy tries to make her understand that she should be honest with her dad. Sydney insists on not telling her dad because she doesn't want to hurt his feelings. However, on the next songwriter's night, Sydney and Olive were talking about it and both are heard on the microphone by all the people who were there, including Max. Max then leaves the place saddened. Sydney then searches for Max but can't find him. Judy tells her he might be at Just Fun and Games. Sydney goes there and finds him playing a game. Sydney then talks to Max and he tells her he feels bad because he didn't know how she felt. He tells Sydney that he doesn't want her to feel that his happiness is her responsibility and that he wants her to be free. Then he signs Sydney up for the summer camp, and they both start playing a game together.


At Just Fun and Games, Judy arrives and tells Max that she signed him up for Camp Pine Star, so he could go with Leo. Leo seems to like the idea, however Max refuses to go for no apparent good reason, even though Judy and Leo try to convince him. Judy and Leo then set up camp in the backyard to convince Max to go to camp. But Max doesn't seem to change his mind even though he liked the horror story Judy told. Because of that, Judy thinks he has other reasons, so she tries to talk to him, which he refuses. Later, Judy finds him playing a game on Just Fun and Games, and tries to talk to him again. There she finds out that Max doesn't want to go to camp because he will miss her. Judy then rejoices and tells him that everything will be fine at camp. She also promises that if things don't work out she will get him out of camp. Finally, they both start playing a game together.


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  • The episode title is a reference to the 2000 teen cheerleading comedy film Bring It On.
  • This is the first episode of the series without any recurring or guest stars.