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"Some people have to hang out with the same people all the time. Not me! I've got you guys!" Olive to Sydney, Sophia and Emmy

The Lunch Club is the ninth episode in Season 2 of Sydney to the Max. It first aired on June 1, 2020 to 0.39 million viewers.[1]


Sydney feels torn between spending time with her friends and her fencing teammates. Can she be friends with both groups … or will she have to choose one?

Full Plot

Present Day

At the end of a fencing practice, Sydney wants to return a foil to one of her fencing teammates. So she talks to Chloe, one of her teammates, and realizes she didn't know the nicknames the girls on her team had. Chloe lets Sydney know that team members get nicknames at lunch (ex. Chloe’s nickname is Flip Flop, Dylan’s nickname is Doc, and Melissa’s nickname is Toaster Pastry) and do stuff together. Chloe invites her to go for ice cream with them, but Sydney had to decline because she had already made plans with her friends. Later, Sydney was in the cafeteria with Olive, Sophia and Emmy, she was distracted watching the fencing team at another table. Her friends noticed that in Sydney and asked her what was going on. Sydney tells them she wants to spend time with the girls on her fencing team, which they say is fine. Sydney then goes to join the girls from her club, who greet her. Then she spends some fun time with them. She even got a nickname, Francisco, because she makes a great impression of Mrs. Francisco, the mean school librarian. She later meets her friends and tells them what fun she had, assuring them that she would have lunch with them the next day; however, moments later she meets two of her fencing teammates, Chloe and Dylan, who ask her to have lunch with them the next day, which Sydney cannot refuse. Sydney was worried about deciding which group to have lunch with. Finally, she tries to have lunch with both groups, going from one table to the other. But her friends, Olive, Sophia and Emmy, find out what she was doing. Sydney tells them she wanted to spend more time with her team, which they tell her is okay. Days later, Sydney's meeting with her fencing team at her house ends early, so she goes to Olive's house. She's surprised to find Emmy and Sophia there. They were getting ready to go to the movies to see a movie premiere with Olive. Olive, Sophia and Emmy tell Sydney they didn't tell her because they thought she'd be with her fencing team. Sydney, somewhat dismayed, tells them she can go with them, but they tell Sydney that there were no more tickets for the movie, so she can't. Sydney just leaves.

At home, Sydney talks to her dad and tells him she feels she is losing her friends because of the time she spends with her other friends from the fencing team. She thinks the only solution is to quit the fencing team. The next day, she approaches Chloe with the intention of telling her her decision, but before she does, Olive, Sophia and Emmy come in. They tell Sydney they had a bad time at the movies, but Sydney finds out they were trying to change her mind about leaving the team. Then Chloe hears her talking about it and goes over to her. Sydney tells her her decision to leave the team because she felt she was losing her friends. Chloe is empathetic and tells Sydney that she understands her, since she went through the same thing joining the fencing team, so Chloe makes Sydney understand that true friends are never lost. Then Sydney decides to stay on the team. Finally, the "four amigas" get ready to go to the cinema to see the movie Sydney missed.


Max was bored because the skate park was closed for repairs and Leo was at his dance club. He talks with Judy and she gives him the idea to join the dance club with Leo. Leo arrives and Max tells him he wants to join his club, but Leo doesn't think he can dance. However, when Max shows Leo how he dances, Leo realizes that Max is a good dancer. So he invites Max to try out at the dance club. Max was preparing for the tryout, but just before he found out that the skate park was open. So he thinks he doesn't need to join the dance club anymore, then he ruins his test by pretending he doesn't know how to dance. Then he leaves the tryout and lets Leo be embarrassed, since he had told everyone what a good dancer Max was. Later at home, Leo tells Max that he had to leave the dance club because of what Max did. Max feels bad about that and confesses to Leo that he took a bad tryout on purpose. Then Leo confesses to him that he didn't quit the club and lied to him to get him to tell the truth. Finally, Max apologizes to Leo, and the two of them befriend each other.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Alison Fernandez as Chloe
  • Surela Basu as Dylan[2]
  • Tony Espinoza as Jordan



  • Although it came out in the 80's, the episode title might be a reference to the film The Breakfast Club.
  • The fencing team has different members than as seen in "Father of the Bribe".
  • This is the first time Olive's house is featured.
  • Sydney is wearing an outfit similar to the one she wears in the promotional images for Season 2.
  • Moral: Just because you have a new group of friends doesn't mean you'll lose your old ones.